Kything The O9A

Order of Nine Angles


Kything The Order of Nine Angles

° Preface
° 1. The Esoteric Philosophy Of The Order Of Nine Angles
° 2. Explaining The Acausal
° 3. Perusing The Seven Fold Way – Historical Origins Of The Septenary System Of The Order of Nine Angles
° 4. Notes On The Esoteric Learning Presenced Through Pathei-Mathos
° 5. O9A Esotericism: An Initiated Apprehension
° 6. The Pagan Mysticism Of The O9A

° 7. In The Name Of The Order Of Nine Angles

Due to the increase in recent years in the number of individuals publicly opining about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA), both via the medium of the internet and via the medium of printed books, it seems only fitting to present an informed, initiated, insight into the O9A, especially as the opinionastry displayed by the majority of those who do opine and have so opined about the O9A reveals that their knowledge and understanding of the O9A is or was either rudimentary or non-existent.
Hence this kything: this ‘making known in words’ in the form of seven recent texts by various O9A folk, and which texts place the O9A into the correct historical, and occult, context. The context of esoteric philosophy, of an ancient paganism, of a esoteric tradition much older than the qabalistic one favoured by most Western occultists, and which tradition is rooted in ancient Greek mysticism and Hellenic hermeticism and influenced by Arabic and Persian sources.
The O9A is thus revealed as not only a unique modern esoteric philosophy, presenced by various antinomian praxises and by a modern elitist mystic anados (ἄνοδος), but also as sinisterly-numinous, and pagan, in ethos. Hence, (i) why it is apposite to describe, and classify, the O9A as a ‘sinisterly-numinous’ mystic tradition – and not a ‘satanist’ nor even a Left Hand Path tradition; and (ii) why its extreme type of ‘satanism’ is only a particular causal form – a causal presencing – of its particular esotericism. For that ‘satanist’ presencing is but one part of the ‘sinister’ aspect of the sinisterly-numinous tradition: that is, a necessary and novitiate pathei-mathos, and thus one gateway (one nexion) into the strange acausal, mystic, occult world presenced by the O9A and by its paradoxical, oft-times intentionally confusing, mythos.

Complete Guide To The Order of Nine Angles



Complete Guide To The Order of Nine Angles
(Fifth Edition, 1470 pages, pdf 54 Mb)




Part One – The Sinister Occult Tradition of The Order of Nine Angles

° Introducing The Order of Nine Angles
° What Makes The O9A Unique
° Advice For Neophytes Regarding the O9A
° The Esoteric Philosophy of the O9A
° Perusing The Seven Fold Way – Historical Origins of the Septenary System of the O9A
° The Septenary Anados, and Life After Death, In The Esoteric Philosophy of the O9A
° Nine Common Misconceptions About The Order of Nine Angles
° Authority In The Sinister Tradition
° The Authority Of Individual Judgement – Interpretation And Meaning
° The Sinisterly-Numinous
° The Adversarial Praxis and Logos of The Order of Nine Angles
° Originality, Tradition, and The Order of Nine Angles
° The O9A Rite of The Nine Angles
° Explaining The Acausal
° Acausality, The Supernatural, and the O9A
° Some Questions And Answers About the O9A

Part Two – Esoteric Traditions of the O9A

° The Esotericism of The Order of Nine Angles
° The Aural Tradition Of The Order Of Nine Angles
° Esoteric Aural Tradition In The Deofel Quartet
° Some Notes Concerning Language, Chants, and Acausal Entities
° O9A Esoteric Chant Archive
° The Rounwytha Tradition
° Notes On The Rounwytha Way
° Questions From A Modern Rounwytha
° The Dark Arts of the O9A
° Overview Of The Star Game
° The Enigma of the O9A

Part Three – Satanism

 ° How To Be A Satanist – A Modern Guide To Satanism
° The Satanism Of The O9A In Esoteric Context
° Toward Understanding Satanism
° Discovering Satan
° The Geryne of Satan
° The Culling Texts
° The Error of Egoism: Magian Occultism and the O9A

Appendix – Practical Guides To The Seven Fold Way

 ° Introduction
° The Requisite ONA
° Enantiodromia – The Sinister Abyssal Nexion


Note: This work includes the two O9A practical guides to the Seven Fold Way: (i) the 981 page The Requisite ONA dealing with the stages up to and including the stage of Internal Adept, which contains all the required texts, including facsimile versions of Naos, The Black Book of Satan, The Grimoire of Baphomet, and the complete Deofel Quintet, and (ii) Enantiodromia – The Sinister Abyssal Nexion which deals with the Passing of The Abyss and the occult Grade beyond the stage of Internal Adept.