Something Lurking Beneath The Waves

Order of Nine Angles

Order of Nine Angles

Something Lurking Beneath The Waves

As someone – not involved with the Order of Nine Angles – wrote in 2012:

“ONA isn’t actually an ‘order’ in the sense of some occultnic silliness, think ‘social order’. There are no ‘members’, so to speak…or there are hundreds…take your pick. There is no ‘doctrine’, so to speak…or there is volumes and volumes of doctrine.

There is something lurking beneath the waves, just out of view.”

Think – Labyrinthos Mythologicus. Think – a book or a collection of modern koans, appropriate for those interested in occultism and especially in ‘satanism’ (whatever that is or isn’t).

Lots of people have an opinion about the Order of Nine Angles; few who express that opinion have actually studied its occult philosophy. Few can navigate their way through its Labyrinthos Mythologicus. Fewer still understand its koans. Fewer still have experienced – put into practice – its radical occult philosophy to learn what it does or has to offer.

But to paraphrase what someone – involved with the ONA – wrote recently, it’s only to be expected that only an exceptional few, now (in our times) will appreciate and understand such matters.