The Term Nine Angles – History and Meaning

Order of Nine Angles

Order of Nine Angles

Given the continuing (but erroneous) belief among Occultists, and especially among those who describe themselves as Satanists, that the O9A appropriated the term ‘nine angles’ from LaVey and Aquino, it was considered desirable to present some of the facts of the matter.

These facts, as presented in the pdf documents below, reveal the following. (1) That the term ‘nine angles’ is an historical one dating from at least medieval if not Hellenic times. (2) That, as used by the Occult secret society known as the Order of Nine Angles, it refers to the nine emanations (or dimensions) of the nexus between causal and acausal re-presented (a) by their esoteric Star Game with its metamorphosis of ‘nine pieces’ (i.e angles) over seven boards (i.e spheres), and (b) by the seven spheres of their Tree of Wyrd plus the two types of apprehensions (i.e. types of existence) of ‘acausal being’. (3) That such usage of the term by the O9A is their development of their esoteric understanding of the historical concept of the ‘nine angles’.

1. The Order of Nine Angles Rite of The Nine Angles
(A Comparison with the Ceremony of Nine Angles by Aquino And A Brief Study of The Meaning of The Nine Angles)


2. The Term Nine Angles

Part One is an extract from a September 2013 ev debate on an Occult internet forum. Part Two contains three screen-shots from a 2011 ev debate between Aquino, of the Temple of Set, and a ‘member’ of the Order of Nine Angles. Part Three is an extract from Myatt’s commentary on the Greek text of the Divine Pymander, a text dating from the second/third century CE. Part Four is an extract from A Glossary of ONA Terms, v.3.07.