Methods and Tradition of The Seven Fold Way

The following article is taken from the second (2013 ev) edition of Enantiodromia – The Sinister Abyssal Nexion

Order of Nine Angles

Order of Nine Angles

The Methods and Tradition of The Seven Fold Way

Introduction – The Methods

The Seven Fold Way of the traditional nexions of the Order of Nine Angles is a difficult and life-long personal commitment, and involves three basic methods: (1) practical experience, both esoteric and exoteric; (2) a learning from that experience; and (3) a progression toward a certain specific personal goal.

1. This means the individual acquires practical experience of both of the Occult/TheDarkArts [External, Internal and Aeonic sorcery] and of doing sinister (amoral and exeatic) deeds in the real world.

2. This means that the individual learns from their errors, their mistakes, and their success – a learning requiring self-honesty, interior reflexion, and a rational awareness of themselves into relation to their life-long quest: that is, in relation to the goal.

3. This means that (1) and (2) occur again and again until the long-term goal is reached – a process traditionally represented by the seven stages of the Tree of Wyrd, involving the progress from Neophyte to Magus/Mousa. The actual aim is to progress toward, into, and beyond, The Abyss: which rencounter is: (a) exoterically, the genesis of the new type of human being which it is one of the aims of the ONA to facilitate, as prelude to our New Aeon and as a manifestation, a presencing, of that new Aeon; and (b) esoterically, the genesis of individual wisdom and a prelude to a possible transition toward the next and final stage, that of gnosis, of ‘immortality’ in the realms of the acausal.

These methods are personal, direct, individual. They require that the individual take responsibility for themselves; is not bound by any restrictions or any morality, and learns not from books or texts or from someone else but rather by practical experience extending over a period of several decades.

The Tradition

Each of these stages is associated with specific tasks, which are outlined in the two compilations The Requisite ONA and The Sinister Abyssal Nexion and which two compilations of texts enable anyone to learn and experience for themselves, at their own pace.

Furthermore, each stage is only a stage, part of the anados – the esoteric way upward through the seven spheres. Thus, the practice of traditional external sorcery (‘results magick’), as outlined in texts such as Naos, occurs in the early stages and lasts but a short time (in terms of the anados), with the individual personally learning that such practical experience, and the self-understanding that results, forms a necessary foundation for the following stages when the external gives way to (a) the internal (as in the rite of Internal Adept) and thence to (b) the aeonic (as in the rite of The Abyss).

As has been mentioned elsewhere, to reach the stage on Internal Adept takes at least five years of effort and experience, with that stage lasting from five to eleven, or more, years. Thus, it takes a minimum of ten years before an individual of our tradition is ready to begin the necessary preparations to attempt The Abyss, during which years they must have spent six months in the wilderness (to develope the faculty of Dark Empathy); gained proficiency in Esoteric Chant (and thus been a cantor in an esoteric musical group); mastered the advanced form of The Star Game (and so developed the basics of Acausal Thinking); have undertaken The Ceremony of Recalling with opfer ending; undertaken several challenging Insight Roles each lasting a year or more; organized and run an esoteric group (a nexion) thus gaining practical experience in External, Internal, and Aeonic Sorcery; and so on.

The necessary preparations for an Internal Adept to attempt The Abyss take at least another five years (more usually ten years), making it at least fifteen years (more usually twenty) before an individual of our tradition is proficient, experienced, learned, mature, skilled, cultured, enough to attempt The Abyss.

These necessary preparations involve the Internal Adept in, over a period of some years, experiencing, and learning from, the numinous – as opposed to the previously experienced sinister – aspects of themselves and of Life; then developing this numinous and empathic aspect of themselves, then fully integrating this aspect with its opposite, to finally dissolve (then go beyond) both. Furthermore, this process is not a series of given, specific, Insight Roles, but instead a re-orientation of consciousness, emotions, and psyche, followed by the years-long living of the life of the new individual that results, followed – when the causal Time be right – by the deliberate, conscious, unification of this with its opposite, followed by a years-long living of the life of the new individual that results, followed by the annihilation of both; an annihilation which is the essence of The Abyss.

Obviously, such preparations are both difficult and dangerous, for the individual, and most individuals will fail, usually for one of the following reasons: (1) because the numinous aspect draws them permanently away from their esoteric quest; (2) because they cannot fully embrace the numinous since they cannot overcome the causal illusion of the self, and thus cannot overcome their egotism, their arrogance, their pride, their sense of personal Destiny, their addiction to the sinister; (3) because they cannot integrate these apparently conflicting opposites of numinous and sinister; (4) because even if they succeed in the necessary alchemical melding of seeming opposites (Sol/Luna; Lightning/Sun; Light/Dark), they fail to annihilate (transmute/transform) the amalgam that results and so fail to give birth to a new specimen of Homo Galacticus.

The Tradition of Esoteric Learning

For millennia, according to aural tradition, esoteric knowledge – the methods, the means, required for an individual to acquire wisdom – The Philosophers Stone (aka the stage of Immortal) –  has been learnt from a few reclusive Adepts, with this knowledge being concerned with three traditional things: (1) the slow process of an internal, alchemical, decades-long change in the individual as a result of direct esoteric and exoteric personal experience and the learning from that experience – that is, the numinous authority of pathei-mathos; (2) a certain and limited personal guidance – from one of those more experienced in such matters – on a direct individual basis (person to person), if such advice be sought; and (3) the cultivation of the virtue of ἀρετή, manifest as this is in a noble, a cultured, a learned, personal character.

These three things were and are, for instance, manifest in the Inner Order of Nine Angles [ ω9α ], which basically is akin to an extended family, consisting as it does of individuals, known to each other personally, from traditional nexions, of the Grade of Internal Adept and above, who possess the faculty of esoteric empathy and certain other personal qualities; who offer guidance on a personal basis to one or more individuals following The Seven Fold Way, and who have the knowledge to prepare individuals for the ordeals of The Abyss.

Thus, there was for millennia and still is in traditional nexions, an understanding that knowledge was mostly to be acquired aurally, from someone of experience and learning; although some knowledge could be acquired by means of patient, scholarly, and personal research. There was also an understanding that genuine wisdom takes a certain duration – decades – of causal Time to be attained, and cannot be hurried and often requires a reclusive personal existence. There was an understanding of the need to develope a cultured, and learned, personal character founded on and maintained by the principle of personal and kindred honour as manifest in the O9A Code of Kindred Honour, as there developed an appreciation of the cosmic perspective, of the Adept in the supra-personal context of Aeons and in relation to the Cosmos. For the essence of our esotericism lies in this knowledge of ourselves as but one nexion, suspended between causal and acausal Time – one means to presence one more Aeon, one possibility to move toward a new acausal life.

Such qualities, such an appreciation, and such understanding of the slow personal progress toward esoteric wisdom, are what have now been overlooked, forgotten, or scorned, by those who in their hasty search for answers have come to rely upon, or who value, the modern rapid means of modern communication that have been developed.

The Seven Fold Way, correctly understood, and as described in the aforementioned two O9A compilations, is therefore simply one practical tried and tested means whereby an individual, working on their own, may via the necessary internal transformation come to discover, to live, to know, to add to, the esoteric pathei-mathos that is the beginning of wisdom and which beginning has been traditionally signified by the personal discovery of Lapis Philosophicus. Hence why the Seven Fold Way of the Order of Nine Angles continues and enshrines the centuries-old tradition of esoteric learning.

Order of Nine Angles
122 Year of Fayen
(Revised March 123)