Bewraying The O9A

Order of Nine Angles


Bewraying The O9A

The articles in this compilation of Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) texts divulge in detail the inner esotericism of the O9A, hidden from non-initiates as that esotericism has been, for decades, by the various outer, exoteric (sometimes heretical, sometimes adversarial) ‘causal forms’ and written polemics that the O9A has used to incite, dissuade, intrigue, perplex, annoy, test, recruit, propagandize, and, of course, to ‘presence the dark’.


° Preface
° Introduction
° Alchemy And The Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition
° Lapis Philosophicus And The Septenary System
° Modern Satanism and The Order of Nine Angles
° The Innovation And Influence Of The Order Of Nine Angles
° Empathy and Aeonic Perspective in the Esoteric Tradition of The Order of Nine Angles
° The Order of Nine Angles: A Précis
° The De-Evolutionary Nature Of Might Is Right
° Culling As Art
° Notes on Phase One and Phase Two
° Diabological Dissent
° Sapphic Sorcery
° Appendix 1 – Losing The Plot
° Appendix 2 – Sunedrion, A Wyrdful Tale
° Appendix 3 – Documenting Plebeian Physis In Modern Occultism