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Anti-Fascist Propaganda And The Sinister Dialectic

For many years many of the anti-O9A crowd, and followers of the Levey (mis)interpretation of Satanism, accused “us” – we who associate ourselves with the sub-culture that is the O9A – of hyping both the O9A and a certain Mr Myatt.

As some of “us” pointed out, years ago, there is no need whatsoever for anyone of us to hype Mr Myatt, for his exeatic life – when objectively studied – is sufficient of itself to show how much he differs from the much-hyped Howard Stanton Levey. {1}

There is and was no need for “us” to hype the Order of Nine Angles since anti-fascists – and especially the hypocrite and propagandist, the non-English immigrant and Zionist, known as The Poison Dwarf – have brought the O9A unprecedented Media attention.

As witness the latest anti-fascist wheeze to get the O9A banned in Britain as “a terrorist” group. {2} A wheeze which has generated Media attention, led to an unprecedented download of O9A texts, and has even gotten Yvette Cooper, Member of Parliament and chairwoman of the Home Affairs select committee, to declare that the British Home Secretary “should immediately” refer the ONA to the government’s proscription review group.

This attention, and the casting of the O9A as the “world’s most extreme far-right terror group,” {3} not only works to “our” advantage but is also a natural part of our “sinister dialectic”.

To our advantage because the publicity will draw to “us” – to our anti-Magian esoteric philosophy {4} and to our Vindex mythos {5} – more like-minded supporters, since as someone once wrote:

“In my own life, I have tried to create some things which can disrupt our societies and which can lead to the creation of strong, really dangerous, ruthless individuals – some things which are so subversive that no laws could ever outlaw them, and that attempts to restrain them, to outlaw them, would only make them more attractive to some individuals.”

A natural part of our sinister dialectic because (i) such anti-O9A propagandists are still in thrall to causal abstractions and thus in thrall to the masculous dialectic of conflicting opposites, such as “fascist and non-fascist” and “nazi and liberal” and so on, {6} and because (ii) we and others, over centuries, have expounded what is beyond such a dialectic and what praxis or experiences or learning (pathei-mathos) can evolve us as individuals beyond such causal abstractions. A learning evident, for example, in the decades-long O9A Seven Fold Way. {7}

However, “we” are aware that all this will only be understood, in our era, by a few: by the Occult cognoscenti, by “our” Adepts, and by those who, like some artists and musicians and creative writers, resonate with our sinister-numinous aesthetic.

Meanwhile we remain The Occult Phantom Menace.

TWS Nexion
March 2020 ev


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