Joel Hrafnsson Sinister Tarot Atu III

Satan, Demons, And The Noble Dark Arts Of The Order Of Nine Angles

The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide to The Dark Arts
Sinister Demonology
The Geryne of Satan
Concerning God, Demons, and the Origin of Satan
Copulating With Demons
Magian Occultism, Satanic Subversion, and The O9A
Further Notes Regarding The Esoteric Form of The Star Game
Our Sinister Numinous Emanations
Toward The Dark Formless Acausal
Heretical Ramblings Of A Mage
A Sinister View of The Book of The Law
The Book of Coming Forth by Night Debunked


Image credit: Joel Hrafnsson Sinister Tarot Atu III