Deofel Quartet

Joel Hrafnsson Sinister Tarot: 3. Mistress of Earth

As the O9A have mentioned many times over the past three decades, the novels in the Deofel Quartet are neither literature nor of such a quality that they would merit publication by a mainstream publisher.

Rather, they were all, in their beginnings, stories read out, decades ago, from handwritten MSS at Temple/nexion meetings or in an intimate and candle-lit setting. As such, their sole purpose was to convey, to existing or new members, something of the varied mythos and traditions of the Order of Nine Angles.

Some years later, as typewritten MSS (produced by several different typists), they were photocopied and circulated more widely by the ONA. However, these MSS – despite various corrections by AL in 119yf – still contain typos and a few transcription errors. The pdf versions of the Quartet given below are the versions corrected by AL in 119yf.

The version of ‘Breaking The Silence Down’ given below is that of the original DWM 1980s handwritten MS, and not that of the later modified version circulated in the 90s by CB, Thornian, and others, and which modified version was considered to make the Quartet into a Quintet.

1) Falcifer (pdf)

2) The Temple of Satan (pdf)

3) The Giving (pdf)

4) The Greyling Owl (pdf)

° Breaking The Silence Down (pdf)

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Image credit: Joel Hrafnsson, Dominus Diabolus Tarot: 3. Mistress of Earth