Deofel Quartet

Joel Hrafnsson Sinister Tarot: 3. Mistress of Earth

The Deofel Quartet present much of the diverse aural traditions of the Order of Nine Angles as Anton Long received them: as stories about people, their interactions; their ‘satanic’ or esoteric views and beliefs; and about certain events that involved those people. In The Deofel Quartet he simply reworked the factual material – as writers of fiction are wont to do – in order to make an interesting story, in the process obscuring the identities of those involved and sometimes their place of residence or work; added some entertaining details (as in the ‘astral battles’ of a kind now familiar – decades later – from the Harry Potter stories) and concatenated certain events in order to provide ‘action’ in a limited time-frame.

Thus, the fictional stories not only compliment other O9A material but provide a ‘different way into’ the complex O9A mythos; a way that many will find more interesting (and certainly more entertaining) than thousands of pages of sometimes polemical and sometimes ponderous O9A factual texts, and a way that especially places the O9A’s satanism into perspective, Aeonically and otherwise.

The Quartet was written by Anton Long with the stories originally read out from handwritten manuscripts at Temple/nexion meetings of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) in the decades of the 1970s and 1980s. These meetings were never large – sometimes only a few people, occasionally a dozen or less – and were always held in intimate and candle-lit surroundings.

Following the expansion of the O9A in the late 1980s resulting from O9A articles being published in occult zines such as Nox, the original handwritten manuscripts (most with handwritten corrections or alterations) were, in the early 1990s typed out on manual typewriters by various people.

The version of ‘Breaking The Silence Down’ given below is that of the modified version circulated in the 90s by The Dark Daughters Of Chaos Nexion and which modified version was authorized by Anton Long {1} and considered to make the Quartet into a Quintet.

1) Falcifer (pdf)

2) The Temple of Satan (pdf)

3) The Giving (pdf)

4) The Greyling Owl (pdf)

° Breaking The Silence Down (pdf)


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Other fictional works by the O9A include:

° Eulalia – Dark Daughter of Baphomet. c.2009.
° Tales of the Dark Gods, c.2008, comprising the four short stories (i) In The Sky of Dreaming, (ii) Jenyah, (iii) Sabirah, and (iv) A Dark Trilogy.
° The two individual short stories Hangster’s Gate and Copula cum Daemone. c. 1976.
° The short story Gruyllan’s Tale, which forms part of the Balocraft of Baphomet series. c.2010.
° The short story Sunedrion: A Wyrdful Tale. 2015.

Image credit: Joel Hrafnsson, Dominus Diabolus Tarot: 3. Mistress of Earth