Esoteric Chant

O9A Atazoth chant

O9A Atazoth Chant

Below is a link to a pdf file containing details of the Esoteric Chant of the O9A.

Esoteric Chant – also called Esoteric Septenary Chant (ESChant) – is an aural tradition of the Order of Nine Angles, originating from the Camlad tradition that flourished in the Welsh Marches, and particularly in rural South Shropshire. Most of this tradition was transcribed by Anton Long in the 1970’s CE and circulated among ONA members in handwritten and typewritten MSS, many of which (although not all) were included in the xeroxed Naos collection, first issued in 1989 CE.

ESChant forms an important part of The Septenary System and thus of the ONA’s Seven Fold Way. Esoteric Chant is also, like The Star Game, an esoteric language appropriate to the New Aeon.

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The images in the pdf archive are png screengrabs from the facsimile version of NAOS contained in The Requisite ONA pdf document, which document is c. 49 Mb in size and runs to 981 pages. Given the nature of the screengrabs, there is some run on from one image to the next. The Texts Included in this archive, following the image section, are two articles by Anton Long which outline Esoteric Chant as a new type of Esoteric Language (pdf).