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An Insider View of The Order of Nine Angles

Given the misunderstanding about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) that has been so evident in recent years (especially on the internet) it seems apposite to present an ‘insider’ view of the O9A. As someone recently explained:

“The weltanschauung of the Order of Nine Angles was not, as many have assumed, completely described in early (1980s and 1990s) texts by Anton Long, such as Naos. That is, it was only fully described by him, in detail and its completeness, over a period of several decades often as a result of his own practical occult, and exoteric, experiences, and especially as a result of his own journey along the seven fold way, from an Internal Adept in the late 1970s to The Abyss in the early 1990s and thence, in the early to mid noughties, to Mage. Many of the early texts thus simply contained old aural traditions he inherited, or his own theoretical notes about the seven fold way he refined and the theory of the acausal that he developed.

There is therefore – and perhaps intentionally – no one definitive book or text written by him which describes O9A esotericism (O9A mysticism and praxises) in detail, and thus no ‘old, original’ 1980s/1990s ONA and no ‘reformed or revisionist’ noughties ONA. There is only the occult weltanschauung he described in voluminous writings from the 1970s to his retirement in 2011, and which volume of writings all have to be read and (perhaps as was his intention) considered together in order to fully understand […] that occult weltanschauung. For, correctly understood, that occult weltanschauung is – just like the O9A – only the particular occult path that Anton Long developed by combining the occult aural traditions he inherited and the personal pathei-mathos that resulted from his (still unique) almost five decade long ‘sinisterly-numinous’ occult quest.” Source: O9A Esotericism, An Initiated Apprehension.

In other words, it is not possible to divorce the Order of Nine Angles from the ‘Faustian’ (the sinisterly-numinous) life of Anton Long, for the O9A is just the unique sinister-numinous tradition he has founded. That is, the O9A is (i) the esoteric philosophy he developed and described, based as that philosophy is on classical (Greco-Roman) mysticism and Hellenic hermeticism; and (ii) the occult praxises he (a) inherited (such as the Rounwytha Way) and (b) developed and described (such as the Seven Fold Way) as a result of his own anados and the resultant pathei-mathos; and (iii) his unique logos, as Magus, manifest as that logos is, esoterically, as a particular physis – in a particular (pagan) weltanschauung and in a particular personal character – and manifest as it is exoterically in the O9A code of kindred honour.

Or expressed another way, Anton Long as Magus is, metaphorically, ‘everything O9A’, since the O9A is just his esoteric philosophy, his logos, and the exoteric and esoteric pathei-mathos resulting from his anados along that Seven Fold Way that he himself developed (i) from an ancient hermetic (Greco-Roman) prototype, and (ii) from inherited aural pagan traditions. For he constructed the O9A from his own sinisterly-numinous life, with the O9A, as existing now, therefore being the archetype of, and for, such a sinisterly-numinous life, and thus one means, or guide, to achieving gnosis/wisdom.

All credit to the very few, outside the O9A, who have “worked it out”; primarily academics, such as Monette [1] and Senholt [2].

That so many people have for so many years misunderstood the O9A – and spread their misunderstanding via the medium of the internet – is no surprise, lacking as they have: (i) a knowledge of the complete O9A corpus and (ii) access to O9A aural tradition (to old inherited occult traditions, and to the personal advice, knowledge, and pathei-mathos, of AL). Thus such people have produced, or have pontificated about, ‘magpie’ versions of the O9A: having taken a bit from one or two O9A texts, and other bits from some other O9A texts.


“The mistake that some have made, in respect of exoteric axioms such as the authority of individual judgement, was to believe or to assume that anyone O9A can or should personally interpret ‘everything O9A’ before they have acquired the aeonic (supra-personal and empathic) perspective and esoteric understanding of an Internal Adept and well before they, from the pathei-mathos that results from a successful melding of the sinister with the numinous, have acquired the necessary balanced individual judgement and discovered the wisdom that lies within and beyond The Abyss.” Wisdom, Logos, And The Inner O9A

In other words, such personal interpretation of ‘everything O9A’ is the prerogative of those O9A Internal Adepts who, having the necessary years-long sinisterly-numinous experience (and the resultant esoteric and exoteric pathei-mathos), have successfully passed beyond The Abyss.

“To reach the stage on Internal Adept takes at least five years of effort and experience, with that stage lasting from five to eleven, or more, years. Thus, it takes a minimum of ten years before an individual of our tradition is ready to begin the necessary preparations to attempt The Abyss, during which years they must have spent six months in the wilderness (to develope the faculty of Dark Empathy); gained proficiency in Esoteric Chant (and thus been a cantor in an esoteric musical group); mastered the advanced form of The Star Game (and so developed the basics of Acausal Thinking); have undertaken The Ceremony of Recalling with opfer ending; undertaken several challenging Insight Roles each lasting a year or more; organized and run an esoteric group (a nexion) thus gaining practical experience in External, Internal, and Aeonic Sorcery; and so on.” Anton Long: The Methods and Tradition of The Seven Fold Way

Given that the preparations for The Abyss themselves take several years, then only those who have been O9A for at least thirteen years will – assuming their crossing of The Abyss is successful – have the knowledge and experience to offer an individual interpretation of matters O9A.

February 2015 ev

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{2} Senholt, Jacob. Secret Identities in The Sinister Tradition: Political Esotericism and the Convergence of Radical Islam, Satanism and National Socialism in the Order of Nine Angles, in Per Faxneld & Jesper Petersen (eds), The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Oxford University Press, 2012. ISBN 9780199779246