O9A 101

Order of Nine Angles


O9A 101

The Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition

1. The Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is a sinisterly-numinous mystic tradition: it is not now and never was either strictly satanist or strictly Left Hand Path, but uses ‘satanism’ and the LHP as ‘causal forms’; that is, as techniques/experiences/ordeals/challenges (amoral and otherwise) in a decades-long personal anados to engender in the initiate both esoteric, and exoteric, pathei mathos, and which pathei mathos is the beginning of wisdom.

The extreme type of ‘satanism’ advocated by the O9A is – for O9A initiates – only one part of the ‘sinister’ aspect of the sinisterly-numinous tradition: a necessary and novitiate pathei-mathos, a modern ‘rite of passage’.

2. The Order of Nine Angles is a guide to that personal enantiodromia (that internal alchemical change) which can result from a conscious, a deliberate, pathei-mathos: from a practical learning that is and must be (given our unaltered physis – our natural fitrah – as human beings) both ‘sinister’ and ‘numinous’ and both esoteric (occult) and exoteric (exeatic, antinomian).

3. Being O9A – belonging to the O9A – means both (a) using O9A esoteric philosophy, and one or more of its praxises, as guides to achieve that personal enantiodromia, and (b) accepting and living according to the O9A logos, since that logos is the unique perceiveration which differentiates the O9A from other occult groups past and present, and which logos presences the essence, the ethos, of the O9A.

4. The O9A logos is manifest esoterically as a particular physis: that is, is manifest in a particular (pagan) weltanschauung and in a particular personal character.

5. The O9A logos is manifest exoterically in the O9A code of kindred honour. For that code embodies – as living by that code can cultivate in the individual – both a pagan understanding/gnosis and the necessary O9A character.

The Nature Of Reality

Regarding the nature of Reality, the perception and the understanding which initiates of the O9A mystic tradition personally discover via their anados are:
(i) the nexible (the causal-acausal) being of our human physis;
(ii) the potential we as individuals possess to consciously evolve our own individual physis;
(iii) the unity – the mundus, the Being – beyond the apparent opposites of ‘sinister’ and ‘numinous’, of causal/acausal, of masculous/muliebral, a unity indescribable by ordinary language but apprehensible by esoteric languages and a particular manner of living;
(iv) the transient, temporal, nature of all human manufactured causal abstractions and ideations and ideologies;
(v) of an attainable acausal existence beyond our mortal death.

Occult Philosophy

The foundation of the occult (the esoteric) philosophy of the O9A is the axiom of causal-acausal being, with ourselves – by virtue of our consciousness – a nexion (nexus) between causal being and acausal being.

One of the axioms of the occult philosophy of the O9A is that it is only possible to apprehend the realm of the acausal (which realm includes but is not limited to the supernatural) by using our (mostly latent) human faculty of empathy – of empathic wordless knowing – and by developing new faculties, such as ‘acausal-thinking’ and which ‘acausal-thinking’ can be developed by esoteric techniques such as The Star Game consisting of as that three-dimensional ‘game’ does of seven boards – arranged as a septenary Tree of Wyrd – with a total of 308 squares and with 81 pieces per ‘player’.

Occult Praxises

The three occult praxises – techniques/experiences/ordeals/challenges – of the O9A are the means by which the initiate may consciously acquire the necessary esoteric and exoteric pathei mathos. The three praxises are:

The initiatory hermetic Seven Fold Way.
The Way of the Drecc and the Niner.
The Way of the Rounwytha.

A Labyrinthine Labyrinth

From its beginnings in the early 1970s, the Order of Nine Angles has had, quite intentionally, an inner core obscured by various outer layers. Thus its exoteric, external, appearance does not necessarily reflect its esoteric essence, and which exoteric appearance serves and has served a particular and practical purpose, as the O9A mythos serves and has served a particular and practical purpose. To access the inner core, an individual has to work their way through the outer layers which, together, form a labyrinth.




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