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Order of Nine Angles

Order of Nine Angles


I. They Arrive, They Depart, They Move On

Sometimes, when “negative” publicity about the Order Of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) surfaces – for example when some journalist (anonymous or otherwise) or some Media outlet makes accusations about the “neo-nazi” O9A, about how “sinister” and subversive or “dangerous” the O9A is, and makes accusations about some of those alleged to be somehow associated with the O9A – then some of those so publicly “shamed” for associating with or who have “attributed their purpose and themes to the philosophies of the Order of Nine Angles” publicly announce their departure from the heretical O9A.

As occurred yet again and recently:

“In light of recent circumstances, public and private, I am taking this opportunity to announce my departure from the Order of Nine Angles. This decision comes not only due to the recent media scrutiny, but also also from a place of honest self-evaluation, as well as some needed consultation from those closest to me. In short, my continued involvement with the O9A praxis is no longer compatible with the artistic and spiritual goals that propel me and Hvile I Kaos forward.”

Some such individuals who make such announcements simply go covert, for example by continuing to follow a particular ONA praxis in secret or by still being inspired by ONA esoteric philosophy or by O9A mysticism but avoid making their inspiration public.

Yet other individuals, after publicly announcing they are “leaving” the O9A, go on to be critical of and/or make accusations about the ONA, such as the following comment from someone who obviously was too busy to read such O9A texts as ἀρρενόθηλυς: Alchemical And Hermetic Antecedents Of The Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles, or the scholarly Geryne of Satan, or texts about the Rounwytha, for that now O9A critic wrote:

“I am earnestly demoralized by the apparent reality that the majority of the ONA is too stupid to read the back of a cereal box.”

Which reveals an astonishing lack of knowledge of O9A esotericism. For two simple reasons.

1) For centuries the Rounwytha way was the pagan mystic way of rural folk who could neither read nor write…

2) That others now associated with the O9A continue to publish informative and often scholarly texts – such as O9A Ontology And The Ruhaniyyat, and Another Academic Misinterpretation, and Sorcery In Virgil’s Aeneid, and Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification – somehow seems to have escaped the notice of those who announce their “leaving” and go on to become vociferous O9A critics.

We find it most amusing that many who announce their “leaving” have failed to understand just what the O9A is, and thus why there is, esoterically, no “joining” and no “leaving” some “entity” designated by the term “Order of Nine Angles”.

TWS Nexion
12 December 2018 ev


II. On Leaving, Joining, Leadership, and Time


In respect of the Order of Nine Angles, the majority of individuals who show an interest in, or who declare they are ONA/O9A or are associated with us, sooner or later leave or move on to other things, be such things Occult, personal, or otherwise; with their motives or reasons for such a leaving or for such a moving-on being almost as varied as the individuals themselves.

Most who leave or move-on do so after a few months or after a year or so, and do so quietly, with no explanation, public or private, although one or two will make, and latterly have made, some public announcement, sometimes critical of the ONA or critical of those involved with it or assumed to be involved with it, or critical of what they assume or believe is the way the ONA is developing. Sometimes someone who has been associated with – or even been a part of – the ONA for some years will leave.

Does all this – all this coming and going, and such pronouncements about leaving – matter? No, it does not matter. Why not? Because it is expected, and natural; and has been occurring for over thirty years.

It does not matter (i) because of the aims and goals of the ONA; (ii) because of the time-scale – of decades and centuries – on which the ONA operates; (iii) because of how the ONA is structured; and (iv) because of what the ONA really is.

As mentioned some years ago:

“One of the basic aims of the ONA is to create genuine Adepts – that is, individuals who question, who are rational; who possess genuine magickal skills; who have gone to and beyond their own limits. Essentially, the ONA is a LHP organization – there is no morality; no limits; no sycophancy. In fact, the ONA in its essence is profoundly anarchic, and may be said to preach and practice genuine anarchy {1}. The ONA system, such as it is, is for only limited guidance, on a direct individual basis, to be given. The novice, the Initiates, are expected to learn by trial and error, by practical experience […]

It needs to be made clear, yet again, that every Initiate is expected to work many things out for themselves, that the ONA is only a guide; it is practical experience, self-insight, and self-honesty, which matter.”

Source – http://web.archive.org/web/20111004064402/http://nineangles.wordpress.com/reply-to-some-criticism/

As AL wrote in 2009 ev regarding those following the traditional praxis of the Seven Fold Way:

“Over the decades, several people have come and gone – some only achieved External Adept; a few achieve Internal Adept. Of those who wander away, and give up or renounce their Sinister quest, one or two return, having learnt much – about themselves – during their exile.

Yet some of those who wander away or who may renounce their quest may still have done some useful work; may still have presenced the Sinister in some way, and thus have contributed something, or affected some changes, however small. Some of these may even have been manipulated into doing such things, into contributing such things, by a Master, or a Mistress, with their leaving or their renunciation a sign of their failure.

For such renunciations – whatever the reasons, or the reasons such people tell themselves – are expected, and indeed natural; part of the selection process itself. Those who go have failed, and proven themselves unsuitable; for the real, and the most important test, is that which lies beyond Internal Adept and which signifies the change from Adept to Master/Mistress. Of those who thus progress beyond the Abyss, there have been no renunciations.

Each Grade, of Internal Magick, is thus a test, a selection; and the move away from each Grade toward the next is also itself a test, a selection, and one which lasts many an alchemical season – in exoteric-speak, which lasts for some or often many many years.

Again, such people, such failures, should be viewed in the perspective of centuries: of the progression toward our Sinister goals, our disruption of the Old Order, our presencings of the acausal darkness, and the emergence of the New Aeon, whose Sinister magickal energies are already being felt, by some, and whose exoteric affects are slowly causing causal changes.” Source – Dark Formless Acausal

In addition, and importantly, two things need to remembered. First, that the Order of Nine Angles is and always has been based on the principle of

“self-replicating self-contained units; that is, based on the seeding, development and propagation of certain causal forms, and thence on the establishment of independent groups and independent individuals who would be freely provided with all the texts and materials necessary to either: (1) if they chose, to follow the Seven Fold Way on their own without any direct personal [centralized] guidance; or (2) to develop their own system based upon or inspired by the ONA, its causal forms, praxis, and mythos. These groups and individuals then would or could be the genesis of other seedlings, with some forms – such as Insight Roles – when used by such people aiding the sinister infiltration of the societies of the West.” Playing The Sinister Game (pdf)

Second, that the ONA has and always has had both an exoteric [causal] and an esoteric [acausal/Aeonic] purpose and nature; a dual nature [sinister/numinous; sinisterly-numinous] manifest in (α) a leaderless, a non-structured, non-hierarchical collective (or collection) of (often clandestine) individuals, groups, and nexions, who are all – in some way or other, and in whole or in part – guided by or inspired by the esoteric philosophy of Anton Long {2}, and in (ω) the ancestral and occult pathei-mathos of the individual Rounwytha and of the Inner ONA. Thus, α [alpha] implies – necessitates – the continuing development/reformation/counter-reformation of ‘the theory and praxis of the ONA’ by both individuals and groups, sans sycophancy, with the consequent subversion of existing forms and structures and the development of new ones; while ω [omega] implies – necessitates – the pursuit, over decades, of Lapis Philosophicus by a few (often reclusive) individuals and thus them adding to not only the occult pathei-mathos of the ONA but to the ancestral pathei-mathos germane to all human beings.

But it is only to be expected that only a few, now, will appreciate and understand all of this. Meanwhile, people will continue to ‘join’ and to leave what is exoterically known and exoterically described as The Order of Nine Angles.

June 2013 ev


{1} On the matter of anarchy, qv the following for example:

a) The text The ONA and Anarchy first circulated in 1991 ev, included in some compilations of ONA MSS published in the 1990s, and available here –


b) The Letter to Aquino, dated 7th September 1990 ev, in Vol i of The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown

A useful, working, definition of anarchy is “that way of living which regards the authority of The State as unnecessary and possibly harmful, and which instead prefers the free and individual choice of mutual and non-hierarchical co-operation”.

{2} For an outline of this esoteric philosophy, see O9A Esoteric Philosophy