Propagandists & The Internet

Atu XX


Concerning Propagandists In The Age Of The Internet

A comrade recently directed our attention to a spurious comment on a blog. The comment was to a post about the Order of Nine Angles and Mr Myatt and purported to be from a well-known nym used years ago by someone who has been described (by non-O9A folk) as belonging to the “ONA Old Guard”. The fraudster, in an attempt to give further credibility to their comment, pointed the embedded hyperlink attached to the nym to the omega9alpha O9A blog.

For the person who had posted the comment was, of course, not the person behind that old ONA nym, just as the comment was disinformation; propaganda designed to discredit and to misinform. Or, to co-opt a current buzz-word, it was “fake news”.

The Occult cognoscenti, given their Occult skills and abilities – and the sagacious ones among humans in general – would never, could never, be deceived by such a deception nor believe such disinformation; although no doubt some or many mundanes would or might be deceived and believe; with the nature of the internet – the nature of websites, weblogs, comments on such blogs, and ‘social media’ – allowing for and indeed encouraging any mundane to hide behind some nym and, using a nym or anonymously, to thus post propaganda, spread rumours and lies, share or give vent to their plebeian assumptions, views and opinions; make allegations about individuals, and even hype themselves.

As Anton Long noted in his 122 (yfayen) text Knowledge, the Internet, and the O9A, the world-wide-web

         “encourages a pretentious, spurious, or illusory, ‘knowing’, the rapid communication of this, as well as a spurious ‘respect’ among and of pretentious and/or mundane others, anonymous or otherwise. The world wide web also has the disadvantage of having become the medium of choice for a certain type of Homo Hubris and for the rapid circulation of their vapid, plebeian, opinions and assumptions.”

All of which is why our blog – and blogs and web-sites by “our kind” – do not have “comments” enabled. It is also why “we” and others of our kind do not frequent and post on ‘social media’ platforms, and why we, collectively and including of course the person behind that old ONA nym, have – since earlier this year – ceased to comment on other blogs, on forums, and on platforms such as FB. Such comments as may have been made, in past years, may or not have been genuinely from “us”, and if and when genuine – quid est veritas? – served a useful and almost always a propagandistic, a particular dialectical, purpose. A dialectical purpose now no longer necessary, given the transition to Phase, or iteration, Three.

Which iteration, now finally presenced since earlier this year among all of “us”, has made it irrelevant for us to indulge in contradicting whatever disinformation, whatever propaganda, whatever lies, mundanes manufacture and spread, by whatever medium, about “us”, about the Order of Nine Angles, and/or about Mr Anton Long who at the Oxonia Sunedrion in 122 yfayen said:

“Exoterically, P3 is and will be most manifest […] in our lone nexions – adversarial operatives (and those inspired by us) – and all of which [O9A] nexions, of whatever type/form, will be examples of/presence (and propagate) the ‘heresy’ of personal honour as the only law and the necessity of pathei-mathos, not to mention the culling of undesirables. In addition, the ‘sinister feminine’ and Sapphistry will be more openly championed, as well as propaganda directed at the Magian patriarchy and Homo Hubris. The chauvinism that male specimens of Homo Hubris possess for women should be a particular target.

An aspect of this will be our championing of culture, manners, learning, and so on – that is, of a certain noble, civilized, aristocratic, attitude where there is a disdain for uncultured, ill-mannered, vulgar plebs and their antics. This in itself will aid us in recruiting more people in academia, the artistic professions, and suitable officers in the military, the police.

Esoterically, it will mean we will henceforward as in the past grow slowly, personally, secretly, with the aim being for each of our hidden nexions […] to recruit two or three people per decade. Maybe a little more, maybe less. There is no rush, as we all know our goals, aims, will take long durations of causal Time to be achieved – way beyond the life-time of everyone here.”

Three Wyrd Sisters
December 128yf


Image credit:
Richard Moult: Atu XX from Non Est Secundus Quia Unus Est,
a book of Tarot archetypes