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Order of Nine Angles

Order of Nine Angles

The Adeptus Way and The Sinisterly-Numinous


There are two things concerning The Order of Nine Angles which may be said to express our raison ‘d’etre and which two things some people seem to have overlooked.

The first is that our primary aim is to breed, to develop, a new type of human being with such new beings establishing new ways of living for themselves. The second is that we are now and always been an esoteric association [1].

The first means that we possess an Aeonic perspective, beyond the life of the individual. That we understand the achievement of our aims and goals in terms of long durations of causal Time, of centuries and more. That we know that changing an ordinary human into one of our kind is a slow, difficult, testing, process involving as it does such things as exeatic experience, practical challenges, and pathei-mathos, as well as a coming-to-live both the sinister and the numinous. Thus our kind develop an awareness and a knowing of themselves as a nexion balanced between causal and acausal and of possessing within them – latent, then discovered, then developed and then lived – the sinisterly-numinous. For such a knowing and then a living of the sinisterly-numinous is an essential part of the development, the breeding, the emergence, of our new kind.

The second means not only that we have certain Dark Arts, certain skills, certain Occult methods and techniques, as well as an esoteric aural tradition, but also that one of our tasks is to recruit some suitable individuals and for such initiates to begin to follow the Adeptus way, since we know, from experience, that such a practical and Occult way is most efficacious in producing the new breed of human.

Thus what has tended to be overlooked – especially by those concentrating on using outer causal forms and upon immediate adversarial action – is the need to be, become, to live, to learn from, the sinisterly-numinous, and the importance we attach to the Adeptus way.

The Adeptus Way

The Adeptus way – the way of our adepts – is manifest both in our newer Seven Fold Way and in our more traditional Way of the Rounwytha.

The Adeptus way is a distinct way of life, involving a life-time commitment, so that our Adepts often feel and know how different they are from most other humans. Different in terms of personal character; in terms of faculties; in terms of knowing; in terms of experience; in terms of feelings, aims, and goals. And also in terms of how – even now in this Aeon where most human communication is still by words, written and spoken – they are able to communicate with their own kind and often with other humans sans words.

This communication of ours is not only the use of ONA-speak and of an esoteric langage or two – such as The Star Game [2] – but also the result of using and developing Occult faculties and skills such as esoteric-empathy and thus becoming empaths, and possessing talents such as foreseeing. Which skills and talents and faculties are muliebral [3] and which developing and possession and use of such muliebral qualities are one presencing of the numinous within a human man, with such a presencing necessary for that sinister-numinous balance which it is one of the aims of an Adept to cultivate and to live.

It is these qualities – and the type of character, the type of person they breed – that manifest the Adept and marks us as markedly different from the majority who apply to themselves, or to their beliefs, terms such sinister, satanist, and Left Hand Path, even though we ourselves are all those things and in many ways by our living define or redefine such terms.

For our Way is primarily esoteric and therefore is concerned with all of the following: (1) wyrd – the numinously archetypal; (2) with a type of learning that involves the arts of human culture, the Occult arts, and the pathei-mathos of Occult and exoteric experiences; (3) with developing certain faculties, such as esoteric-empathy; (4) with the sinisterly-numinous.

Thus, our Adepts are esoteric even when they are shapeshifting or living in the world of ordinary humans – such as when garnishing exeatic experiences or undertaking an Insight Role or living as an outlaw, a heretic, or are part of or leading a gang. Esoteric as not only in being secretive, but also as in learning, developing, esoteric skills and as in having within them a certain perspective, a certain knowledge, that places their own life and deeds into a wyrdful, an Aeonic, and thus into a Cosmic, perspective.

The Sinister-Numinous

The term sinister-numinous is employed by us – part of our esoteric ONA-speak – to describe the living unity beyond the abstract, the lifeless, division and dialectic of contrasting/abstractive/ideated opposites. A division most obvious in the false dichotomy of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and a division not so obvious in denotatum and thus in both Magian religions with their god, prophets, scriptures, and in occultisms and religions devolving around named ‘deities’ [4].

As mentioned above, a knowing and then a living of the sinisterly-numinous is an essential part of the development, the breeding, the emergence, of our new kind, whether the individual be following the traditional Occult way of the Adept or using our newer sorcery of the way of the tribe/gang/clan and the way of the lone adversarial O9A operative (the Niner).

For such a knowing and such of living of the sinisterly-numinous – and the personal learning, the pathei-mathos, that results – is the means to know, to live, to be, the natural balance, the Life, beyond abstracted opposites and all abstractions, and it is this natural, wyrdful, Cosmic balance, that is the quintessence of our new type of human being, and makes us and marks as a breed apart, as quite different from Homo Hubris and all other manifestations of human life on this planet. That the necessity of this knowing, this living, this type of learning, has been overlooked or forgotten by many interested in the Order of Nine Angles is both interesting and indicative.

To experience, to live, the sinisterly-numinous and then learn from such living, is easier for the Adept than it is for those using our newer sorcery, since the Adept has a structured path to follow, particular Occult rites, and more often than not some guidance from one of our kind who has ‘been there, done that’.

In terms of the way of the Adept, an experience and thence a wordless personal knowing of this living unity is the purpose of the Camlad Rite of The Abyss [5] and of the living that precedes it, and forms part of the training of the Adept. Part of this personal knowing is of Wyrd, and thence of the Aeonic perspective beyond a personal destiny; a knowing, experiences, that move – that develop – the individual far beyond the attempted deification of the ego, the self, and beyond the hubris, arrogance, posturing, lack of self-honesty, and self-delusion, that are the basis of all Magian occultism, whether such occultism be described as RHP, LHP, or satanic.

This can be expressed in a simplistic, exoteric way, and which exoteric expression gives an insight into how those using the way of the clan or the way of the independent O9A operative might discover and then live the sinisterly-numinous [6]. In brief, our Occult kind, our Adepts, have: (1) a type of pagan knowing and understanding of the natural world [7]; (2) a certain sensitivity and empathy; appreciate such muliebral qualities in others, and thus appreciate, understand, women and their potential; and (3) a certain culture, where by culture here is meant the arts of life made manifest by living by our code of kindred-honour, having a living (and thus numinous) tradition, having self-control, self-honesty, having a certain learned knowledge of the Arts, literature, and music of their own ancestral culture, and having the all-important knowing of themselves as but one nexion between a causal past, their present short-lived life, and the wyrdful futures that will exist after their causal death.

Therefore one exoteric, and old, archetype which still usefully expresses something of the sinisterly-numinous for those of the male human gender is the chivalrous warrior of stories such as Le Morte d’Arthur but where the supra-personal ‘numinous’ element is not the religion of the Nazarene but rather our code of kindred-honour or something similar.

Or, if one desires a more modern, and somewhat more accurate (but still incomplete, imperfect) archetype, there are the warriors of the Waffen-SS, and what they were, of course, rather than what propaganda and lies about them have made them appear to be [8]. But of course it is ‘heresy’ to state or to claim such things today, which is exactly one of our adversarial, sinisterly-numinous, points

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles


[1] As I have mentioned elsewhere, by esoteric we mean not only the standard definition given in the Oxford English Dictionary, which is:

” From the Greek ἐσωτερικ-ός. Of philosophical doctrines, treatises, modes of speech. Designed for, or appropriate to, an inner circle of advanced or privileged disciples; communicated to, or intelligible by, the initiated exclusively. Hence of disciples: Belonging to the inner circle, admitted to the esoteric teaching.”

but also and importantly pertaining to the Occult Arts and imbued with a certain mystery, and redolent of the sinister, or of the numinous, or of what we term ‘the sinisterly-numinous’, and where by Occult in this context we mean beyond the mundane, beyond the simple causality of the causal, and thus beyond conventional causal-knowing.

[2] For a basic introduction the Star Game, refer to Overview of The Star Game.

[3] As with many terms, we use this particular one in a precise and esoteric way. By muliebral we mean: of, concerning, or relating to the ethos, the nature [physis], the natural abilities, of women. From the Latin muliebris.

[4] See, for example, the text Denotatum – The Esoteric Problem With Names (pdf), and the compilation The Rounwytha Tradition (pdf).

[5] The Camlad Rite is given in full in the pdf compilation Enantiodromia – The Sinister Abyssal Nexion.

[6] Some practical guidelines as to how to live the sinisterly-numinous are given in Enantiodromia – The Sinister Abyssal Nexion.

[7] By pagan here is meant the knowing and the appreciation of the natural world that is germane to the Rounwytha, for which see, for example, Marcheyre Rhinings.

[8] An excellent personal example here is Léon Degrelle. A good over-view of the Waffen-SS can be obtained by reading Degrelle’s account of his combat experiences in his book Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front..